Before I speak, I have something important to say. - Groucho Marx

Company Information

Every person reading this online article will, at some point, become involved in the disposition of personal property. Will you be prepared?

We've all heard stories of fantastic finds at garage sales, outrageous prices being obtained at auction for an item donated to a thrift store, dealers that "stole" items from unsuspecting little old ladies, questionable ads referring to "Bernie Madoff" items or "Seized Government" merchandise, scams on e-Bay and Craig's list, heirs fighting over family heirlooms and more. Are these stories true? Unfortunately....yes. But, it's not always what it seems and it can be avoided.

From 10 to 1,000

Kathleen has educated and entertained groups small and large with her straight-forward approach to helping individuals and professionals navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of secondary market selling. Whether it's unwanted household furniture, a boat that's become more headache than fun, or an important 18th century English tea set from a prominent estate, Kathleen will give concise, factual answers to common problems. She discusses how both buyers and sellers can avoid scams, together with easy tips on how to protect yourself. Kathleen will also share a wealth of information on what makes something valuable in today's market. Questions are welcomed and the discussion often takes turns and twists to accommodate the needs of a particular audience.

It's not all about antiques

The antiques market is just one facet of the secondary market. Selling also involves items recently purchased as well as gifted or inherited. Kathleen addresses current trends, (The gold market is insane. What's the best way to sell?), current fads (Beanie Baby anyone?) and the various tools available to self-educate. Appraisals are often discussed including when to get an appraisal, what to look for when hiring an appraiser and what the appraised values really mean.

Good, better or best?

Without a doubt, the most common question asked of Kathleen on any given day is, "What's it worth?" Your organization can add dimension to the lecture by inviting attendees to bring one or two items for a verbal valuation and discussion. It's not unusual for several people to bring examples of similar items giving Kathleen an excellent opportunity to demonstrate visually what makes one item good, another better and the third the best. This is a great learning experience that really helps open the eye to what makes value.

We've been involved with estates and trusts for years, how can Kathleen help us?

Attorneys, accountants, trust officers and estate planning specialists need to understand the many ways their clients can be taken advantage of and how to help them. Bad situations can reflect on your professional reputation and affect your bottom line. There are more ways to scam and steal from an estate than you can possibly imagine. Is selling the estate outright a total solution? No! Find out why. Kathleen gives professionals associated with our industry a no-nonsense insider's view of the less desirable practices occurring in the tangible secondary market and how to avoid them.

If you're thinking this information does not pertain to you, you're wrong.

Selling pre-owned tangible personal property occurs every day. Would you know what to do if a loved one or friend passed away leaving you in charge as executor? As you age, you may decide to downsize; gifting some belongings, donating others and selling a few. As a collector, you may want to cull your collection to include the finest or perhaps, to sell some of the finest to get needed cash. Garage sales are also forms of secondary market selling. Did you do your homework so you don't "give away" anything? Does your insurance company require an appraisal for a rider? Are you confident the items you're insuring are worth the premium you're paying? Your jeweler offers a trade-up option and you'd love to buy that new necklace. Should you trade that bracelet you never wear?

Passion and Experience

Kathleen is a passionate advocate for fair and responsible dealing. With almost 30 years experience as an estate liquidator, antiques dealer, consignment store owner, appraiser and auctioneer, Kathleen is in a unique position to share a vast store of knowledge on a subject that will affect so many. She speaks with humor and style and the audience leaves with a new appreciation of something they have given little thought to before.

How much does it cost?

Each discussion is designed to fit your organization. Public speaking fees are based on the time needed, travel and accommodations when necessary, preparation and any out-of-pocket expenses that may be incurred. For more information or to engage Kathleen for an event, contact us by e-mail or telephone 239-262-7333.