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Frequently Asked Questions


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Where do you get the items you sell?

We've been in Naples for almost 20 years and are well known as a reliable and trustworthy company. While we service all of Florida, the items are predomininantly consigned by individuals, executors, trust officers, and attorneys from our area. Almost all of our items are fresh to the market. Occasionally, we will offer a few select consignments from reputable dealers, but the estimates must be reasonable.

When I bid during the Live Auction, are there really people bidding against me?

Yes, our Live Auctions are broadcast to you via the Internet while the auction is actually taking place in front of an audience at our gallery in Naples.

How do I receive notices of upcoming events?

The best way to receive notices is to reate an account. Registration is free and we do not require your credit card information. Go you "Your Account", click on "New User Registration" and fill in the required information. You are not obligated to buy or bid.

If you are new to us and unsure about starting an actual account, join our opt-in / opt-out e-mail mailing list. Simply enter your email address in the grey section on the left side of this page and hit submit. You will receive a confirmation email with a link which you must click on to confirm your subscription. You can remove yourself from the list at any time.


Do I need to register to bid if I want to buy at auction?

Yes. Everyone needs to register to bid regardless of whether they attend an auction online or live.

Can I change my mind once I bid or win an item?

Bids through LiveAuctioneers can be withdrawn on your profile page, but it must be done before the auction starts. All other bids are final. Please enter your bid information carefully and double check it before submitting your bid. Remember, a winning bid is a binding contract, all items are sold as-is, and all sales are final with very limited exceptions.

I can't attend the in-person preview; can someone answer questions for me regarding condition?

Yes and we're glad you asked. Please call us at 239-262-7333 and a representative will be happy to discuss the condition and answer any questions. Alternately, you may contact us via e-mail with your questions. Note: we can not answer condition questions on an auction day.

I was an online bidder and the winning bid shows the same amount that I bid, but I am not the winner? Why did this happen?

The likely answer is you lost the bid in a tie to a live audience member bidding in the gallery. The auction is like a ping-pong match. Suppose your high bid for an item is $50. The opening bid is $25. Your bid is submitted to the auctioneer at $25, audience bids $30, your next bid is submitted to us at $35, the audience bids $40, your bid is submitted to us at $45 and the audience bids $50. Your bid can not be submitted at $55 because it would put you past your maximum. The audience wins at $50.

It seems the floor bidder always wins in a tie bid situation. Why?

It can seem this way, but that's not what happens. Take the scenario above and make the opening bid $30 with a maximum bid of $50 by you. The bidding starts at $30, audience $35, you $40, audience $45, you $50. The person in the audience had set a maximum for himself of $50. He doesn't want to go higher. You win the tie, but you don't see that it was a tie; you only see that you won.


I have a (fill in the blank) and want to know what it's worth.

Do you need an appraisal or a verbal auction estimate? The value is dependant upon the purpose, and we need to know in order to help you. If you are seeking a verbal auction estimate for sale of the item, send us a low resolution digital image with the history, dimension and provenance of the item or, if you are local, bring the item to the gallery.

If you need an appraisal for insurance purposes, or to settle an estate, or as a requirement by the IRS for a taxable donation, please give us a call at 239-262-7333.

If I consign, do I have to take whatever price is realized at auction? Can I set a minimum bid?

while we believe it is in your best interest to keep minimums low without additional reserves, there are times when a reserve is warranted and we allow it.

Can I bid on my own items?

Absolutely not. You may not bid on your own items for any reason, under any circumstance and you can not assign a family member, friend or otherwise to do it for you. That would be a violation of your contract and may trigger financial penalties.

My item sold, when will I receive payment?

We settle the auction as fast as possible. Please keep in mind that many items are sold internationally, which means the buyer payment may take longer to arrive and longer to clear the bank. In all instances, checks for payments received will be cut to our consignors no later than 30 days from the auction sale date.


I purchased an item online. What forms of payment do you accept.

We accept PayPal, checks, money orders and wire transfers. If you attend the auction in person or come to the gallery to pick up, we will also accept Visa or Mastercard.

How do you guard my credit card information?

Credit cards are only accepted two ways: Through Pay Pal or in person when you give us the card to electronically swipe. We do not accept credit cards by telephone, fax or email, and we will not manually key punch your numbers into any system. We also do not take credit card information prior to the auction to run your card if you are successful.

We believe the safest method for guarding your credit or debit card information is not to have it on file anywhere, ever.


Can't my item be shipped by the gallery? Do I have to contact a shipping company?

We have very limited shipping ability through the gallery. If your item is a single uncomplicated piece that is not fragile, is not under glass, is valued at $500 or less, fits in a standard US Priority mailing box (about the size of a shoe box or small sweater box) and being shipped within the continental US, we might be able to ship it. All other items must be shipped through professionals.

Must I insure my item to have it shipped?

When shipping through our gallery, yes. Insurance would be mandatory. When shipping through a professional shipper, insurance would be optional. In either case, should something happen to your item during the shipping process, your dispute is with the shipper. We will supply whatever insurance information we have, but you must file your claims directly with the shipper. If you opt not to insure your items when shipped, you have NO recourse if the item comes damaged.

I got a really good deal and want to insure my item for more than the invoice price. Will you do that?

No, we will not. The fair market value of the item you purchased at the time of purchase is reflected on your invoice. We will not change the amount.

My country is going to charge me VAT, (or the item is illegal to export/import) can you write something else on the invoice?

No, we can not lie for you. The amount you paid and the item you purchased is reflected on the invoice and that can not change.